DGE Mugisha priority areas in 2017/18

DGE Mugisha priority areas in 2017/18

The focus areas of the District Governor Elect Kenneth Mugisha are on membership growth and reten on, suppor ng the founda on and youth. He said the Ken Tree Star Award would go to new clubs giving for the rst me, and giving a total of USD1, 000, Clubs with 100% membership reten on and with 100% payment for Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY).

DGE Mugisha said as this as he shared on the 2017/18 Rotary theme, vision and presiden al cita on during the well- a ended training for President Elect Training (PETS) for the incoming club leadership teams for Tanzania. The training took place on 18 – 19 March 2017 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Over a hundred Rotarians from all over the country a ended the event, which was led by the District Trainer PDG Harish Bhatt.

DGE Mugisha also highlighted some of the areas that the new RI president was keen on. These included increasing club membership, diversity and engagement, payment of dues and repor ng in volunteer hours and contribu on to the Rotary Central.

He briefed the new club leaders on Rotary Mission Green Ini a ve whose goals is to promote planting of trees by all the Rotary clubs. The ini al goal is to plant 1 million trees in the two countries – Uganda and Tanzania.

“There are many reasons why this initiative is important. We are currently facing climate change and other consequences
of environmental degradation. Mobilizing all clubs to plant as many trees as they can will make
a big di erence in improving our environment for a be er future for all,” he said.

DGN Sharmila Bhatt gave highlights and progress towards mee ng the District target as spelt out in the 2013 – 2018 District strategy while DSE Xavier Sentam gave an over overview of the District 2017/2018 Goals.

Also present were Graham Reoch and Claire Rice from Rotary Interna onal O ce in Zurich Switzerland. They presented on the online Tools that clubs can use for their success. DG Harish was supported in the training by the Tanzania Training Team.