Adjustments in the DG’s schedule this coming week

Adjustments in the DG’s schedule this coming week


Rotarians and all Friends of Rotary, you’ll have noticed that I made a decision to continue with Club Visits at this time, and this is in honor of what our fallen RIPE Sam F. Owori would have liked.

Sam Owori would have wanted us to continue the good job he did in over 38 years of dedicated service to the good causes of Rotary.

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There will be some inevitable adjustments in my schedule this coming week when we receive Sam F. Owori’s body that arrives tomorrow morning from the US. We’ll dedicate the rest of this coming to week to the funeral activities.

The Clubs affected by the changes in my schedule have been informed. A new schedule of the next visits shall be out soon.

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Let us all converge at the venues that have been announced by the Funeral Organizing Committee to honor our beloved Sam F. Owori.

God Bless his Soul