Mission green agenda’ starts at RC Kampala Central

Mission green agenda’ starts at RC Kampala Central

Opening the new Rotary Year with its 25th President in chair, the Rotary Club of Kampala Central under their tagline “the Green Club” on Wednesday July 6, 2017 at 0600hrs shared different fruit trees with club’s guests.

Rotarians Dr Kakembo (President RC Kampala Sese) & Ben Waira (Kla Central) prepare to pick the fruit trees of their choice

The 50 fruit trees; mangoes, oranges, tangerine, lemon and passion were shared so that everyone would plant in their respective courtyards at home or offices. This would mark the start of the club’s greening endeavor.

The club has earmarked 25 acres of land across the country, both from club members and the Church of Uganda. The club anticipates to plant at least 175,000 trees this year, with each acre accommodating 7000 trees.

Greening the environment is this Rotary Year’s priority and DG Rtn Ken Mugisha has urged all clubs to execute “Mission Green” as a signature program by planting trees in the communities, homes, along the highways and within the depleted forest reserves

Sharing trees at RC Kampala Central started way back when the club changed its status and took on the tagline the “Green Clu